Work-in-Progress | WERE HERE JC
Multiple locations in Jersey City, 2021-

In 2021 while working on the project 538 Bergen Ave, Jung realized how many people (esp people of color) were left out of known history. She recognized the importance of expanding the project to multiple sites. Since the changing scope, Jung recruited her friend, Duquann Sweeney, to collaborate with the goal to bring awareness to many important yet unacknowledged people and places in Jersey City.

Latest Video | Are You Upset?

This book and video were made during the pandemic lockdown. Living and working in close proximity with a loved one has been both challenging and rewarding. The book captures the need for a break and connection.

Latest Performance | 538 Bergen Ave
Jersey City Theater Center, Jersey City, 2019

This video documents the performance at the JCTC in November 2019 by Jin Jung. She tells a story about her discovery of an artist group called the BECC which was headquartered in McGinley Sq., Jersey City in the 1970s. Jin seeks to use this opportunity to showcase and find fellow community members of the art, history, and Jersey City. She calls for help to erect signage at the sight of 538 Bergen Ave.

Still in Progress | Questioning My Audience

Someone told me that it takes years to start making art again after graduate school. Well, I believe it. Taking time to reflect on what happened and where I am headed has been a learning experience. In this video, I rediscover my relationship with the audience and perform for the camera.

Recent Performance | Embody: To Give a Body to a Spirit
Drawing Room,
Jersey City, 2019

Reiteration of the work, Embody: To Give a Body to a Spirit, 2008, made site-specific for the occasion on July 28, 2019.

Featured Work | Take My Weight Off Your Shoulders
Mills Gallery, Boston, 2009

Materials: Fabric, Zippers, Sand or Rice

Dimensions: Approx. 3" x 5" per sandbag

Emotional pain or trauma is difficult to understand. By abstracting the "burdens" into physical weights, Jin shares a way to bring comfort to our emotions.

Featured Image | Artist Medical Residency
O Positive Festival, Kingston, NY, 2009

During the festival where doctors and artists exchanged their services, Jung made a reiteration of the work previously known as Medical Artist Residency to accommodate the younger audience from the community.

Featured Process Sketch | OVER & OVER

During the news coverage of the controversy surrounding Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, in February 2019, one of the guests on the radio said something in the lines of If you do not take action to reprimand such behavior, the racism will REPRODUCE and PERPETUATE. I imagined racism giving birth to another resulting in more racism babies to come. What a horrifying image that manifests OVER & OVER in our day-to-day.

10-min Video Compilation | Four Performances
From 2005 to 2008

Basic Architecture (2005)
Find Your Heart, Open It Up, Let Them Feel (2007)
Embody: To Give a Body to a Spirit (2008)
Can You See Me? (2008)

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