Jin Jung (b. 1981, Seoul) is a visual artist living and working in Jersey City, NJ.

Trained as an architect at Rhode Island School of Design, Jin worked as a designer in NYC before leaving for her Master's degree in the Visual Arts program (now known as Art, Culture, and Technology) at MIT. Since graduating in 2009, she has returned to the city and has been assisting her former advisor and professor, artist Joan Jonas, and concurrently assisting artist Lawrence Weiner.

In a recent attempt to explain her transition, Jin suggested that creating shelters, whether they be physical or ephemeral, is her principal responsibility as an artist. At the moment, the temporality of time-based media seems most efficient in providing space to the constantly changing dynamics of our everyday. Her practice takes form somewhere between sculpture and performance. Below is a list of her concerns elaborating on the topics of interest:

1. Why do we say that?

Learning English as her second language, Jin has taken quite a fascination with the language. Idioms, definitions, and etymologies often offer a starting point for her artistic investigation. Examples of these beginnings include Weight on the shoulder, Crocodile tears, Stretched thin.

2. How do we know we exist?

This never-ending question is the main driver in the artist's studio. The dependency of self and others, me and you, for the assurance of our existence is a constant riddle. She seeks new ways to see herself with others and others in relationship to herself.

3. Do you trust me?

The participatory nature of the performance forces the recognition of trust and its fragility. The artist needs help from the audience to complete the work. She has to prove her dependability. Sculptural art objects she uses during the performances are the only things that can mediate to prove her trustworthiness.

4. Play vs. Reality

The interactions among the artist and participants depend on many factors including past personal experiences. They can not be controlled or limited. What happens is what it is. In essence, they are chaotic and unpredictable. But there is an undeniable feeling of safety in abstract environments. The suspension from reality allows her work to be always sincere, but not always serious.

See her 10-min portfolio here.


Jin Jung makes sculptural objects, videos, performances, and environments that often involve playful social intervention. Jung was born in Seoul, South Korea, and currently resides in Jersey City, NJ. She received her MS from MIT and her BFA & BArch from RISD.


2007- 2009

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Master of Science in Visual Studies


Rhode Island School of Design
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Selected Events & Exhibitions

May 2021

" Hold," Jersey City Public Library Community Awareness Series (Zoom)
Artist Workshop

November 2019

“Outsider,” The Box at Jersey City Theater Center (Jersey City, NJ)
Performative presentation of “538 Bergen Ave”

July 2019

"This 'n That," Drawing Rooms (Jersey City, NJ)
Performative presentation of "Embody: To Give a Body to a Spirit"

May 2019

"Index," Index Art Center (Newark, NJ)
Group Show

May 2019

"Somewhere We Landed," Drawing Rooms (Jersey City, NJ)
Group Show

May 2015

"Overshare," ASC PROJECTS (San Francisco, CA)
Group Show

October 2012

"Artist Medical Residency," O+ Festival (Kingston, NY)
Participatory Performance

August 2010

"Medical Artist Residency & Freestanding Artist," Three Walls (Chicago, IL)

February 2010

"BYOA: Bring Your Own Art," X-Initiative (New York, NY)
Group Show

May-June 2009

"... and things of that nature," The Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts (Boston, MA)
Visual Arts Program Group Show

April 2009

"Waves and Signs," Center for Advanced Visual Studies (Cambridge, MA)
Conference and Workshop: Low-Frequency Vibration

April 2009

"Appendages," MIT (Cambridge, MA)
Graduate Arts Forum

February 2008

"Take My Weight Off Your Shoulders," MIT (Cambridge, MA)
Performance / Mental Health Awareness Panel

May 2008

"Articulare," MIT (Cambridge, MA)
Visual Arts Program Group Show

Residencies & Participations

February 2019

NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program (Newark, NJ)

August 2010

Three Walls Artist Residency Program (Chicago, IL)

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